24. november 2011

How to dance "gooder"

Follow these steps in this order:
  • take a beginner class in any kind of dance. (we're not worried about losing you to, say ballroom or irish step dance - they don't hold a candle to lindy hop) 
  • take a beginner lindy hop class (NOT "lindy swing" or west coast swing, east coast swing or any type of ballroom dancing masquerading as lindy hop - this is a 20s/30s/40s dance - your instructor should not be wearing sequins, feathers or a poodle skirt). 
  • learn what frame really is. learn what connection is. learn what rhythm is. learn what a phrase is. one of the best ways to do this is to dance with people who haven't got a clue and vow never to dance that badly - then ask one of the "big kids" who kick your a** on the dance floor. now go practice, then come back and ask them if you really got it. good frame and connection are more important than knowing how to spin. 
  • take an intermediate lindy hop class. 
  • take an intermediate lindy hop class from a different teacher. 
  • dance your ass off. go out at least twice a week. five times a week is better.
  • are people stopping to watch you dance? if not, keep reading: 
  • videotape yourself. swear off dancing. You look like this guy. 
  • give yourself a week of watching sitcoms. realize that life without lindy hop is a dull wasteland. 
  • then: get back on that horse! 
  • keep going out dancing. a year should have passed. 
  • attend a lindy exchange.
  • come home and videotape yourself. 
  • take at least 5 private lessons with a really good dancer. 
  • try like hell to get a regular partner (best if you're not swapping spit with them) who can be honest if you're not leading or following with some degree of frame and communication. (if your partner is your significant other or spouse and they "stink on ice", don't get a divorce, stay married and both of you get another partner - both parts of a dance couple will dance up to the ability of the worst dancer in the couple - try to be matched well).
  • take at least 5 private lessons from a different really good dancer. 
  • try to find out what your lindy nickname is. if it's "wiggly guy" or "the groper" you still have a ways to go... get busy!

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